Who We Are


Nancy Haller, Ph.D.

Over the past 25 years, Applied Psychometrics has worked with a diverse group of companies in the public and private sector, from large corporations to family-owned businesses. Clients have included prestigious organizations in the fields of transportation, biotechnology, manufacturing, communication and information technology, law enforcement, and service industries.

Applied Psychometrics’ expertise has benefited organizations in lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, bolstering employee morale, reducing turnover, elevating customer service, AND improving the bottom line – profitability.

Facing a tide of public suspicion and investor mistrust, companies are now screening candidates for top positions like never before. Our mission is to help you to select employees with good character, constructive ambition, and strong commitment…for every level of your organization. We take the guesswork, and fear, out of hiring.

Founder and Director Nancy Haller, Ph.D. gained her skills in organizational consulting as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy where she provided psychological fitness evaluations, personnel screening, team building, and managerial effectiveness training. She concurrently works with Fortune 500 managers and executives on leadership development at the Center for Creative Leadership.

“Through the years, we’ve learned that many personnel problems are the result of a poor job fit. We give you the tools to identify and keep your best talent, thereby insuring a more successful and productive match of people and jobs. The pay-off is higher caliber employees who work harder and stay longer.”