Case Studies

At Applied Psychometrics, we use scientifically–based instruments and processes that enable you to select and keep top talent at your company.

Here are a few examples of how we optimize people and ogranizations.

A Fortune 500 medical manufacturing company was experiencing 6-figure losses due to employee error.

Applied Psychometrics designed a screening process to evaluate basic skills such as vision and eye-hand coordination, then trained in-house staff to run the program. The result: increased accuracy and significant expense reduction.

In one year, the turnover rate in the office staff of a growing construction company was a staggering 100%.

Following an organizational analysis, Applied Psychometrics worked with the owner to structure job responsibilities and training requirements. The use of 360-degree feedback and executive coaching enabled him to recognize how his behavior impacted others, and to make necessary adjustments. The result: improved employee retention and profitability.

A biotech organization was on a tight deadline to get its new product out the door. Although all members of the project team were experts in their respective specialties, they were working against each other without group cohesion.

Using a combination of assessment methods, Applied Psychometrics identified the strengths and work preferences of individuals on the team, then helped them develop group guidelines for communicating and collaborating productively. The results: greater productivity and efficiency.

Because public safety is at risk, a transportation agency needs to employ drivers who have attention to detail and sound judgment.

Applied Psychometrics conducted a job analysis then administered pre-employment tests to identify applicants with high responsibility and emotional stability. The program has reduced accidents and is saving the organization money beyond the cost of testing.

An automobile dealership wanted to increase its sales volume and customer service ratings.

Based on the results of pre-employment testing for sales potential, Applied Psychometrics predicted which sales applicants would sell over 2 times as many units per month as non-tested staff.