Test Instructions

Please read the Test Instructions prior to taking the actual test. This information is helpful to increase accuracy of the test with detailed instructions.

Test Instructions

To increase the accuracy of the testing:

  1. Set aside enough time to complete each test in one sitting. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Change Style Indicator® and FIRO-B™ take about 20 minutes each. The CPI™ will require about one (1) hour.
  2. Be as candid as possible. We know that job applicants want to make a good impression. We also know that all people have strengths and weaknesses. You are not expected to be perfect. Answer as you really feel, rather than what is expected or desired.
  3. Put aside any “role”. If there are mixed reactions to any questions, go with the general trend. Do NOT try to guess or analyze what you think the questions mean, or what your answers may reveal about you. The tests are not designed in that way.
  4. Take the tests independently. Answer the questions with the first response that comes to mind rather than debating over the nuances of meaning. Don’t worry about what anyone might think about how you answer a single item. The only way the tests have accuracy is through all of the answers taken together.
  5. You may feel that some of the questions are unusual or somewhat private. While the items may seem to be unrelated to job performance, these tests are well-researched and highly respected.

For International Applicants

The language and content of the test items may be difficult to understand or irrelevant to you. We know that there is a strong American “tone” to the tests. If you do not understand the wording, or if the content is irrelevant, you may omit the item. We will consider the impact of cultural issues when we review your results.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, contact Dr. Nancy Haller at 858-677-9797.